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We help small businesses scale by building responsive websites that make you unique!

We build website designs that are focused on your goals.

Six Easy Steps That go into Building a Great Website

1. Understand who your target audience is.

2. Have clear and concise content that is search engine friendly and relative to your industry.

3. Use call to action items that engage your customers.

4. Select and create a domain name that is related to your business. 

5. Choose a hosting service that will support your new domain.

6. Find a wordpress theme that will work with the style of website desired.

We Create Website Designs that Turn Browsers into Buyers!

Web Designs

Simplified Web Designs develop each website to be tailor-made according to our clients’ specifications and vision. Clients are included in every step of the web development process, we believe in full transparency.

Mobile Responsive

Each website that we create is mobile responsive for a better user experience. No one uses just a desktop computer anymore! So we make sure that your site looks good across all platforms, whether it be tablet, laptop, desktop or phone!

Word Presss Platforms

We use the latest WordPress platforms. There are 455 million websites designs to choose from, so our goal is to create one for your exact needs whether its a standard design, or an e-commerce theme.

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what our clients have to say

Who We Are

Hi, I am Shane Phillips, and I welcome you to Simplified Web Designs. 
In November of 2017, I went into business for myself with the idea of helping others in achieving their goals through website development.
I am passionate about websites and the business surrounding it.
My team and I work with our clients step by step so that they are included in every part of the process.
I look forward to working with you very soon! ~Shane

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